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La grande rivoluzione dei musei europei

La grande rivoluzione dei musei europei - Massimo Negri

Pubblicato da Marsilio Editore, Venezia  nella Collana Elementi, il libro di Massimo Negri " La grande rivoluzione dei musei europei " disponibile in libreria  e ordinabile online.

Just published  the latest book by Massimo Negri " the Great revolution od European Museums", Marsilio Editore, Venice.


ISBN 978-88-317-2420-3

Giornale di Brescia Giornale di Brescia [36.177 Kb]

Kenneth Hudson presenting Massimo Negri

Almost ten years after I joined the Jury of the European Museum of the Year Award, Kenneth Hudson (1916-1999) wrote an article about me. It is a lovely memory but at the same time a document of Kenneth's humour and attitute to friends and colleagues.

KH vs MN KH vs MN [1.574 Kb]

Master in European Museology IULM Milan.

The 6th edition of the Master Course in European Museology founded and directed by Massimo Negri  just started at trhe end of January, it will end in November 2016. To be updated about this programme follow us on Facebook : Museologia Europea.

Our Master of Museology goes online !

IULM and EMA have decided to launch for 2017 an online version of the Master in Museology elarging its scope to the link between new media and museum communication, to know more visit:





The study programme consists of:



With the participation of experts and practitioners with a documented international experience


you will find videolessons, readings, tutorials and assignment reviewed by highly qualified international experts



at optional international meetings co-organized by the European Museum Academy during the semester

This programme is subject to minor changes due to organizational circumstances.

  • Module 1: The Museum Environment
  • Module 2: Multimedia Communication, Heritage and Museums
  • Module 3: The XXI Century Museum
  • Module 4: The social role of museums in contemporary society
  • Module 5: Art as a factor of social and cultural  local development 
  • Module 6: The Museum of the Future – a Participatory Museum

Each module is made up of:

  • Video lessons
  • Readings
  • Tutorials
  • Assignment


Master Course in Industrial Heritage and TPTI Course at the Padua University


It is more than ten years that the DISGEA Dept. at the State University of Padua runs both the Master Course and the TPTI Erasmus Mundus Course  where (under different angles) industrial heritage related themes are investigated.

In this context I have been mostly  teaching Museography of Industrial Heritage. An essential part of my Course is given by a 2 day- and-a-half Workshop in Milan exploring cases of rehabilitation of historic  industrial buildings. This year we have focused on the Tortona District together with the students of the Master Course of European Museology at the IULM University of Milan. Here below  a nice video documenting  this exciting seminar with participants from 4 continents.