Key Projects for year 2020

Key Projects for year 2020 - Massimo Negri

Key Projects for year 2020:

  • Scientific researches in my capacity as the European Museum  Academy Foundation Scientific Director
  • Running and improvement of the Online Master Course in Museology - New Media and Museum Communication
  • Activities related to the membership in the Scientific Committee of the Cathedral of Milan 
  • Teaching Museography of Industrial Heritage at the Erasmus Mundus TPTI Course University of Padua
  • Final stage of the exhibition building of new Pinacoteque of Pieve di Cento (Bologna)
  • Storyboard planning for the new Museum of the Sea in Trieste.

Books, essays,  articles: here is a list of the main works in progress with the stage of development of each project:

  • Le cento parole del museo (book, co-author Giovanna Marini) Marsilio editore  - NOW AVAILABLE ALSO ON ALL MAIN PLATFORMS !!!!
  • http://www.marsilioeditori.it/libri/scheda-libro/2970078/le-100-parole-dei-musei
  • Developing Exhibitions (book co-author: Dirk Hautgraaf) Waanders De Kunst Zwolle -published
  • Digital Interpretation, concept and practice,essay  for The Museum of the Future, ed .Karl Murr V&R Unipress Gottingen - editor's revision
  • City Museums :there is always something to learn  (article)  The Museum of Moscow  - under print 
  • Essay on philosophies of display of African art (title to be confirmed) Museo Castiglioni Varese - draft ready for peer review
  •  Wien 1913 (book) manuscript final resivion,  ready for proofs. 
  • Museums and the Web at the Times of COVID-19. Research paper EMA/Padua State University: graphic design.

  • Revisiting Museums of Influence, M.O'Neill ed., Routledge , four articles, second round of proofs. https://cutt.ly/4gRIZ5T 

Industrial Archaeology at the Urban Center of Milan

Industrial Archaeology at the Urban Center of Milan - Massimo Negri

An exhibition about historic industrial sites in Milan reconverted for multipurpose uses.

A Tiger in a Museum is not a Tiger

A Tiger in a Museum is not a Tiger - Massimo Negri

All founding members of EMA worked for a long with Kenneth Hudson (1916-1999). He published fifty-two books in his life and an endless number of articles and other ephemeral texts frequently translated into foreign languages.  On the occasion of one hundred years from his birth, European Museum Academy and the Forum of Slavic Cultures joined their forces to celebrate the anniversary with seminars, conferences and a publication which offers the public  an idea of his unique personality, his spirit and his way of communicating. We decided that quotations would be a good way to represent his brilliant way of reasoning and communicating. And here is the result. We can guarantee the authenticity of all these texts which comes also from private archives of EMA founders. The answer to the question “why to read this book?” is simple, to know him better or to start to enter his intellectual world. But how to use it?Professionally you can use it also when writing an article, lecturing or teaching, or proposing to other colleagues one or more quotations as the starting point to develop a further discussion. It will be an interesting exercise as Kenneth Hudson was never banal.

Plans for 2021 coming soon!

Plans for 2021 coming soon! - Massimo Negri

Museo della Musica di Pieve di Cento "Alice Zeppilli"

Museo della Musica di Pieve di Cento "Alice Zeppilli" - Massimo Negri

Nel foyer e negli spazi di accoglienza e transito dello storico Teatro Comunale di Pieve di Cento (restaurato e riaperto al pubblico nel 2015 dopo un periodo di chiusura imposto dai danni del  sisma) sono presentati diversi aspetti della intensa vita musicale pievese e una sala dedicata al famoso soprano Alice Zeppilli che a Pieve si ritirò dopo una carriera internazionale importante. 

Progetto museolgocio di Massimo Negri con Laura Diamanti.

Massimo Negri

Just published ! Click on the picture to know more !

Massimo Negri

E' un esperimento forse seguito da un libro....conto sulla benevolenza del pubblico.

IULM Online Master Course

IULM ONLINE Master in Museology
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